Baby & Child Nutrition Program

The VIRAA Baby & Child Nutrition Program is a comprehensive 1:1 program with Sonal. 

You can opt for this program as a successor to our starting solids program or as a fresh program to optimize nutrition in your baby/child's diet, the program is 2-3 months long and is tailored as per your and your baby's needs.

Rs. 18,500.00

About the program

The program includes the following:

1. Education and support on, baby nutrition and key essentials of nutritive groceries
2. Nutritive meal planning and prepping for the baby and the family as eventually, we want our baby to be eating our family meals
3. Supply of guides on nutrition, groceries, and recipes

1. Support on balance between breast/bottle-feeding and transitioning to 3 solid meals prepared with nutrition in mind
2. Support on transitioning baby snacks and finger food meal when their pincer grasp develops.
3. Support on maintaining baby's healthy relationship with foods as they transition to becoming a toddler
4. Support on managing trickier finger foods (with the inclusion of a pincer grasp)
5. Support on bulking up the nutrition of a growing baby/toddler
6. Support on home activities for parents/family to include baby in nutrition food prep.
7. Support on weaning off breast milk (fm) or reducing the frequency of breastmilk (fm) until the baby has next to 3 solid meals schedule and maintaining baby nutrition throughout.

1:1 Care
Video calls with Sonal every 10 - 15 days
Detailed 60 mins discussion
Continuous Feedback
Access to support group

What will you gain from this program?

By the end of our program, you will have a fundamental understanding of nutrition for your baby and your family as a whole, more confidence in making nutritious recipes and managing 3 meals and snacks for your baby, and most importantly, increased faith in your ability to manage things effectively.

How it works?

After you purchase the program we set up our first call with you to understand your situation and tailor make a program for you and your little one's needs.

Mother's who have benefitted from VIRAA

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