Breastfeeding & Bottle Feeding Program

The VIRAA lactation program is a comprehensive 1:1 program with Sonal. 

You can opt for this program either in your last weeks of pregnancy or just post-delivery, the program is 2-3 months long and is tailored as per your and your baby's needs.

Rs. 15,500.00

About The Program

This program will include:

Education about breastfeeding:
1. The first golden hour/day of feeding, post delivery
2. What to expect as a mother and parent
3. Lactating techniques, how to best achieve a deep latch with the baby
4. Bonding with the baby and care of the mother
5. Lactation Beginnings (1st two weeks)
6. Father's preparation to support the mothers
7. International Best Lactation Practices
8. Communication with doctor and family
9. Product purchase feedback

1. Lactation support including support on balance between breastfeeding and formula feeding or maintaining exclusive breastfeeding
2. Pumping guidance and support needed with pumped breast milk feeding
⁠3. Education on breastfeeding, bottle feeding and combination feeding and managing child schedule and understanding child growth
4. Baby burping and massaging techniques
5. Baby growth curve discussions

1:1 Care
Video calls with Sonal every 15 days
Detailed 60 mins discussion
Continuous Feedback
Access to support group

What will you gain from this program?

We understand that early postpartum times can be challenging, with numerous beliefs and myths surrounding us, making it difficult to navigate.

Therefore, we strongly believe in providing the right information, consistent guidance, and non-judgmental support to you through our program.

By the end of our program, you will have more belief in yourself, greater confidence as a breastfeeding or bottle-feeding mother, and, most importantly, increased faith in your ability to manage things effectively.

How it works?

After you purchase the program we set up our first call with you to understand your situation and tailor make a program for you and your little one's needs.

Mother's who have benefitted from VIRAA
So thankful to Sonal and VIRAA to have this program. Did the Breastfeeding program and now starting solids. Cannot thank Sonal enough.
— Nimisha Dutt
Took the program two weeks after my delivery was able to breastfeed my little one exclusively. Sonal's guidance made sure I was calm and confident during the initial part. Definitely going for starting solids with Sonal & Kelly.
— Jyoti Sharma

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